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After venous surgery


Dear patient,


Seeking that your po-operation period would be easy and the result of operation would be the best, we recommend you for the first 10-14 days after operation act as follows:

1)    during the day time wear the medical compression stockings (before the night you may put them off);

2)    protect the  bandages from water while taking a bath;

3)    drink about 1,5-2 litres of fluids every day;

4)    try to move, to go for a walk, but lie down and rest after you feel tired;

5)    don‘t  do  manual  work, don‘t rise or carry hard things;

6)    do not exercise;

7)    do not wear high-heeled shoes;

8)    do not fly by plane.

After 10 days, please, visit the doctor for taking off the bandages. Now you may take a shower. The medical compression stockings you have wear for another 2 weeks.

After 1 month, please, visit a doctor again. Till this visit you are not allowd:

1)    to go to sauna or lie down in the bath;

2)    to go to solarum;

3)    exercise;

4)    do manual work;

5)    to fly by plane longer than 4 hours.


After 1 month you may live the regular life.

We wish you a fast recover!