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How the blood will float in legs when veins will be removed?

 There are two vein systems in human legs. Surface – subcutaneous and cordial veins. The latter go deep in leg muscles and subcutaneous are seen on the skin surface. The blood comes back in to heart by veins so it must flow from the bottom to the top in the legs. There are valves in the vein walls by which blood goes up as by the ladder. 70% of blood comes back by cordial leg veins and 30% by subcutaneous leg veins. This happens when subcutaneous veins function properly and the valves are sealed. Otherwise, the direction of flow changes. The blood starts flowing down, presses the vein walls and  appears visual vein varicose on the skin, the legs begin swelling, spasms appears, later the skin itches, becomes darker and the capillary net shows up in the tarsus zone, may occur thrombophlebitis and finally the unclear may open on calves. After such changes in blood circulation all blood is forced to return by cordial veins. The blood circulation in subcutaneous veins is totally broken, veins may plug and cast cordial vein thrombosis and break away thrombus may go to lungs and evoke severe complications and even patient‘s death. After the operation of the lesion subcutaneous hypodermal veins faulty blood circulation circle is terminated. Leg swelling and other symptoms vanish and blood flow further goes through cordial veins.

Does the disease often renew after surgery?

Recently due to improved surgical treatment method the renewal of the disease is rare. It may be aesthetic –cosmetic nature and do not menace of occurring vein blood circulation insufficiency with the leading endemic symptoms. Certainly the renewal may occur due to some individual patient‘s veins features, when the disease progresses in other vein branches which were healthy during surgery period. It is very important to consult the blood-vessel surgeon who analyzing the specifics of leg blood circulation provides the comprehensive leg blood circulation ultrasound test, discusses with the patient the most optimal treatment method, explains the risk of disease renewal and gives advice how to avoid it.

How does the laser work?

Laser treatment method for vein varicose is the newest. While treating by laser blood vessel – vein is locked from inside. In this way the trauma of the surrounding tissues is not caused, there are no cuts on the skin (only puncture), after operation pain is avoided.

Does it hurt during laser operation?

The sense of pain is individual. Due to these circumstances some patients need more and some lesser amount of painkillers. The anesthesia is local so the patient remains conscious during the whole surgery may communicate with surgeon and also an optimal amount of painkillers is injected. These methods of this anesthesia let the patient come and leave the operating-theatre on own feet. Many patients go home on the same day after surgery.

When can I live normal life after laser surgery?

If you choose laser surgery it is the shortest way of health recovery. After laser treatment the patient returns to usual life rhythm after 1-2 days and they are employable. After surgical treatment it usually takes 1-2 weeks.