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Laser treatment of varicose veins

  The disease progresses not in hours or weeks but in months and years. The most favorable is the warm season. The disease may be stopped by using elastic knitting, drugs – ventonics however the process does not stop. Usually senior people more often complain on varicose veins but human usually inclined to postpone the problem solution and visits doctor when the disease is progressing. Ulcers, skin inflammations and eczema, skin darkness in legs, erysipelas which cause is malfunction of vein blood circulation occurs when the disease is rather runs up. And due to this it may be considered that only senior people suffer from this disease but the first symptoms of the disease occur quite early. The complications of varicose veins are more usual in elder age. One of the most complications is non- healing, renewable ulcers on calves.

Can advanced varicose vein even with ulcers be treated successfully?

Varicose veins in legs are cosmetic defect is only at first time which is more noticeable and treated by women. Later it becomes the cause of complications of legs blood circulation malfunction and ulcers appear on calves. It is false assumption that it is late to treat the severe disease. Ulcers come down, leg swelling, itches, discomfort and also non-aesthetic view disappear after surgery. It is important that patient wish to recover and consult the doctor.

Varicose leg veins surgery may be provided in the old and modern way.
Laser beam is more superior than surgical scalpel.
During the traditional surgery the cut is done through which subcutaneous varicose vein is tied up in the certain place and its trunk is taken out by special probe. The vein place selected by the surgeon is very important. It depends from it weather the thrombus occurred or renew the varicose radicals after some time. Surgeons not every time deep in legs vein blood circulation subtlety and do not apply modern methods which are applied in blood vessel surgery. In diagnostics and treatment of vein diseases everything got ahead during the last ten years. It is necessary to learn new things. One of these things is laser vein treatment. The puncture is made on the skin using laser and special catheter is applied through it – its beam affects the injured vein from inside and the injured part contracts, covers and finally disappears after few months.
Using the traditional surgery – surgical cuts are bigger and there are more of them and while pulling the vein by probe the tissue, lymph nodes suffer around it. This determines major post-operative pain and led swelling. During such surgery general surgeons do not use ultrasound device which let to control every stage of the operation. Due to this the surgery is very painful and common or spinal anesthesia is applied and they may be accompanied by different complications or additional risk especially in the senior age.
During laser surgery only small skin punctures are made, painkillers are injected locally which are necessary for pain relief and also the medication protects the local tissue from traumatic effect and allows through even small puncture to eliminate big vein node. Veins scanning by ultrasound device allow observing every centimeter of the vein affected by laser and eliminate only sick vein protecting the healthy one.
It is necessary to mention that even patients with ulcers may be treated by laser. This is the most advanced stage of varicose vein disease stage. I say this in order to contradict the myth that laser may be applied only for young patients and can be used only when the stage of the disease is easy or in cases for the cosmetic varicose vein treatment. Laser is the safest method of treatment.

Medical institutions use lasers with different optical path i.e. circular and tulip.  How can I select? What is the difference?

Tulip optical path is like a torch which beam goes straight. It is hard to handle such laser beam, it often burns out vein wall, causes bigger post operative pain, larger bruises occurs.
Circular laser is new generation laser equally distribute energy to vein wall and not evoking the burning out of vein wall.

 Valves situated on the joints of subcutaneous and cordial veins and providing their job imperfectly are responsible for varicose progression: as they close veins not hermetically the direction of vein blood flow is malfunctioned and blood stagnates in legs.
Varicose veins expand. The bigger lumen of veins and it is the harder for the valves to close. It is like vicious circle. More severe varicose vein is when ulcers open, varicose nodes are throbbed and this happens to the patients of the senior age – this is the case for laser treatment. This is the first choice, safe and painless method of treatment.
 Circular laser beam operates softly, do not affect tissue and does not cause post operative pain.