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Good afternoon, dear doctor! I sincerely thank you for your open-hearted cooperation and perfectly performed operation. Good luck to you and your family.
Yours faithfully,
Patient Inga


That was a super fast operation: painless before and after the surgery. Thanks to doctor A.Grinkevičius and the hospital nurses who were very pleasant and careful. The result of this operation is good. Hurray!
Patient Oksana, Panevezys.


After the surgery, I felt great because I did not need painkillers, I did not experience any discomfort due to pain or aches. At this point, after a month, my leg is almost completely healed: there are just seen some crusts and a small bruise on a shin. The operation succeeded in smoothly, and the team worked wonderfully.
Patient Justė


2014 04 07
Dear Doctor,
Thank you for the surgery and sclerotherapy. I am satisfied with the operated leg. Thank you very much.
Patient Jadvyga M.


2013 12 30
Dear Doctor,
Each time the New Year brings new ideas, goals and expectations. Congratulating on St. Christmas and New Year. I wish you could implement all your expectations. May the next year be generous in your meaningful work, may it brings you and your family health and good luck!
I am grateful for the successful operation.
Your patient Arvydas


2013 12 03
Hello, doctor Arunas.
I would like to thank you for the operation, warm welcome and your sincere communication. I look forward to our next meeting.
Yours sincerely.
Thank you,
Patient Kristina


2013 11 12
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the miraculous laser treatment. Thank you for painless surgery, pleasant and skilled communication. You have really got a vocation. Good luck!
Patient R. Dirgėla


2013 10 11
The surgery was implemented 2 years ago. I feel great! The legs are more beautiful. Obviously, I must find time for myself and my pastimes: swimming and riding a bike.
Thank you again !!!
Patient Ceslava


2013 10 02
I am your patent Arvydas Gelžinis. You have operated my leg after thrombophlebitis. Threads are already pulled out. I wanted to ask whether or not I need to take low-dose aspirin.
On the whole, I am glad with my condition after the surgery. 12 years ago the other leg with the absence of thrombophlebitis was operated, and a few days later there started the leg inflammation that required a long time to heal.
Recently, after the leg surgery in serious condition, it is healing. As a result, I am very grateful for your professionalism.
Patient Arvydas G.