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Varicose veins treatment. New laser technology is already in Lithuania – DOUBLE RING LASER!!!

Recently, laser treatment of varicose veins is becoming more and more popular in Lithuania. An increasing number of vascular surgeons are satisfied that the laser treatment is safe and effective. It precedes surgical way not only in cosmetic aesthetic aspect, but also the speed of healing and human well-being perspective. In Lithuania there appeared a lot of different lasers. Those patients who are interested in this kind of procedure face endless questions, uncertainty and doubt.

The most common questions asked are as follows:

How is the diseased vein treated by laser? Are valves recovered?

Laser beam does not recover valves. It is impossible to heal the diseased veins. In order to recover leg venous blood circulation, it is necessary to close vein for good. It can be done by removing vein surgically, or vein can be sealed by laser beam. Laser is a mild treatment comparing to classic surgery applied for many years when the vein is cut through by its whole length.

Can the disease renew faster rather than after the surgery?

Using surgery, the vein is disconnected surgically and removed mechanically. The vein remains in its position while laser treating, but the lumen of the blood is sealed by beam, so blood never circulates out. The disease has no way to renew in both surgery ways if everything is done correctly. Chances are that using a tulip-tip fiber surgery (old generation), there are more renewal possibilities since vein sealing is not very precise and accurate. It is precisely what the first lasers were like, which nowadays are substituted by ring lasers and characterized by accuracy, safety and effectiveness.

How different are lasers?

It has been proved that a ring laser seals the blood vessel by a ring beam from inside. Thereby, this affects the internal of blood vessel. It is the safest and most painless way after the surgery. It effectively closes the lumen. It is the safest way because it doesn’t burn out the treated vein wall.

The other group of lasers is the old-generation tulip-tip lasers which are still popular in Lithuania. They are relatively cheap for patients. These are directly shining and burning lasers. Their usage often evokes pain and big bruises, the treated vein might be burnt out. Threatening complications are possible because it is easy to harm deep veins. As it has already been mentioned, there are disease renewal risks.

Double ring laser technology allows healing not only in a safe way, but also takes care of tissue. Scientists and surgeons who created the laser have noticed that working with one ring laser, the amount of energy necessary to seal vein wall, is sometimes too high because vein is like a tube and its diameter varies at all its length. When the vein is deformed, one part of it is very narrow, while the other is broad, so the doctor has to be very precise and careful in observing the situation and dosing the energy. When ring laser beam is divided in half, energy is also divided in half, and it is radiated into vein wall by two less portions (two rings). In this way, it gently affects tissues. The doctor performs his work with more confidence and calmness because he can be sure that the wall will not be affected too much by the laser beam, what can cause post- operational pain. Surrounding tissue and vein wall is safer, human’s tissue experiences less shock.

In Europe, this new technology has been applied for more than three years. Doctors’ reviews are very good. It is stated that it is an effective treatment similar to one ring laser treatment, however it is fairly gentle. This is the method of treatment causing less post-operational pain. Many practitioners believe that this particular laser is the future choice for the varicose veins treatment.

How is the laser treatment surgery implemented?

It is necessary to GET READY for the surgery as for the any other surgery. Blood and urine tests, which patient undergoes at his family doctor, are necessary. The patient has to arrive on an empty stomach for at least six hours. Surgery is performed WITHOUT ANAESTHESIA. It means that performing this kind of surgery it is not necessary to use anesthetic, inject medications to spinal canal. The whole surgery is performed only by using local anesthesia. In this way, possible anesthesia complications are avoided, early movement after surgery is ensured and the patient stays in hospital for a short period.

Before the surgery, the doctor always carries out additional ultrasound examination. The entire surgery is performed under ultrasound guidance what is absent during the surgical operation. It is very important for the operating doctor to do examination, mark veins and all particularities inherent to every human being.

Can every person be prescribed with laser vein treatment?

It is possible to operate almost 90 percent of patients suffering from varicose veins. In no way it is a cosmetic surgery. It is a surgery which currently is used not only to treat even the most neglected forms of varicose veins, but also tissues are protected. Moreover, there is nice aesthetic and cosmetic result. A precise reply to this question can be given by an experienced vascular surgeon working with laser. After a double-scan ultrasound examination, the surgeon can determine and evaluate opportunities of laser surgery.

If you suffer from varicose veins, which you are going to treat by laser surgery, ask the doctor whether RING LASER will be applied. This is essential for your well-being and healing after surgery.

If the doctor owns RING LASER, I recommend DOUBLE RING TECHNOLOGY.

Today it is the newest laser treatment.